Plastic heald:

Plastic heald loom as an important member, has long been the material of stainless steel as a raw material. In recent years, Hong-Ji Precision strongly developed after a long period, the breakthrough of the raw material, have been manufactured to replace metal plastic heald, not only cost savings, better enhance Peibu quality. However, at this stage the market of injection molding and stamping Heald products, mostly inexpensive plastic, easy-to-weaving process, so Peibu blemishes, reduce yield.

Hong-Ji Precision through strict screening, using high-quality raw materials, not only rigorous checks during the manufacturing process, the quality of the service before testing more stringent. Therefore, Hong-Ji precision production of plastic heald, stable quality, reduce breakage, lifting heald made of plastic Peibu quality, increase productivity weaving efficiency and reduce costs.



Product 0.3mm
Thickness (mm)
Healds eye Weight (g)
Length (mm) 260mm 5.5 * 1.2mm ≒ 0.302g
Length (mm) 280mm 5.5 * 1.2mm ≒ 0.320g
Length (mm) 302mm 5.5 * 1.2mm ≒ 0.339g
Length (mm) 330mm 5.5 * 1.2mm ≒ 0.363g


Weight Loss:

Hong-Ji weight Healds raw materials, only injection type heald 55%, stainless steel heald 25%, significantly reducing damage components, reducing the consumption of electricity equipment.


Low prices.
Energy saving.
Extend equipment life


The production of high-density distributed species.
Enhance the quality of Peibu.
Healds reduce wear.